About us

Fabryka Urządzeń Kolejowych is a company which was established by a merger of two companies operating in the railway industry since 1992. Almost 25 years of operations is a proof of our market position.

We manufacture structures and equipment for railway and tram traction network. Over the years, we have achieved top position in the railway industry, and have become a leading manufacturer of products for the needs of the polish railway industry.

The Project Department, and Design Department of the Factory develop and implement new and innovative products that meet expectations of the developing railway market.

The delivery dates depend on the sizes and type of the ordered goods and the places of delivery. Our own transport and large storage facilities let us execute short - term deliveries, and sudden orders.

As a plant that produces traction network accessories, we offer more than 600 products. We produce traction network fitting elements made of steel, copper, aluminum, and castings of bronze, and cast-iron.

Currently we are the only plant in Poland that produces comprehensive traction fittings, and steel support and carrying structures (poles, girders, signal gantries, etc.) for the railway and tram contact system.

We deliver our products to all companies that are building contact systems in Poland. The reference letters we have received clearly prove that our contractors believe we are a reliable, elastic and dynamic company. They appreciate the quality of our products, the completeness and punctuality of our deliveries, and the necessary documentation we attach.

We have extensive machinery back-up, which makes it possible to implement orders for elements not included in the list of produced equipment according to the documentation submitted by Clients. We manufacture the offered products according to updated documentation of KOLPROJEKT in the full PKP – PLK catalog range.

Any contact system accessories, and support structures produced by us are subject to cyclic tests by the Institute of Material Engineering of the Poznań University of Technology, and by the Strength Tests Department of the Institute of Construction Engineering.

To meet the market's increasing requirements, we offer complex deliveries at factory prices, and we offer our own warehouse area, to help the Investor minimize the costs of storing any ordered products.